So many fandoms and too little time!

Why do I watch Revolution? Mmm….let me think…oh yes…Miles/Monroe relationship. Sebastian Monroe may be a cruel man but he is a damn sexy cruel man. Only Miles Matheson seems to be able to get Sebastian to show his vulnerable side and how!

A cruel man made vulnerable because of his need to be loved by the one he cares for most - his best friend, his brother in arms, his protector (and yes in all our fan girl heads we have slashed them into lovers too) and then the betrayal he never sees coming…yet he still wants Miles back despite his betrayal, craves his return to his side. Not that I am addicted or anything…Ahem…:0)

I spat my drink over myself when watching the finale last week and Monroe captured and on his knees, is then told that he appears to have a ‘Borderline Erotic fixation on Miles Matheson’. Fans around the world were all like ‘oh hell yes I was just shouting the same thing at the screen!’ Revolution Writers - we the fans humbly thank you.